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If you already have .ME domain and the WordPress website, claim your goodie!

Free year of Jetpack Backup Daily

Never lose a word, image, page, or time worrying about your website, with automated backups & one-click restores.

  • Automated daily backups (off-site)
  • One-click restores
  • Unlimited backup storage

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Choose the best option

If you already have .ME domain and the WordPress website, claim your goodie!

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Why does your website need a backup?
1. In case your site gets hacked

If your content and core website files are backed up off-site, you can restore them quickly, minimizing your revenue loss and service interruptions for your customers.

2. In case your site breaks after an update

If your website is properly backed up, you can restore an earlier version with a single click and get back to business as usual.

3. If you try something new that breaks your site

With a site backup ready at the click of a button, you can run that test without worry or fear. If problems arise, you can simply restore the previous version and try again.

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